Creating Valuable Experiences

Creating Valuable Experiences

Well curated events create a space for people to connect, learn and celebrate. And they’re a platform for brands to communicate their values and achievements.

So how do you pull off a great event? Here are three areas to focus on when planning.


Spending Money on What Matters

To get the most from your budget, look at the way money has been used for past events and cut out the unnecessary and non-essential items. Then talk to your event planners about how you can find creative solutions to make your budget stretch further.


Creating a Sensory Experience

Delighting all five senses is a winning way to make sure attendees have an engaging and memorable experience. Some of the current trends for doing this include:

  • Fresh and healthy food – You can incorporate interactive food stations that give people more choice over the food they eat, and these can also offer a fun, educational element to your event.  Providing healthy choices such as flavoured waters instead of juices, and placing an emphasis on vegetable dishes, artisanal cuisine and local produce, will make people feel good and delight their taste buds.
  • Pop-up venues – Visually striking and often unexpected, pop-up venues can make an event feel fresh and innovative. Venue ideas include things like museums, old warehouses, a boat on the Vaal or a safari camp in the bush.
  • Chill spaces – Creating calm, revitalising spaces at a conference can help people recharge and feel freshly able to engage with the elements of the event. Ideas for this include things like yoga or meditation areas with an instructor or digital assistant, or lounge areas with comfortable bean bags, sofas, floor cushions and music.



Technology can make attendance and networking at an event easy and appealing for attendees. Event apps are becoming increasingly popular and can cover everything from registration to feedback after an event.

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