What makes a successful Family Day event?

Balloon Arch Entrance

Family events are a wonderful opportunity for companies to include their wider communities in their successes, celebrations and appreciation. We recently put together a great family day for one of our high-end clients that highlights some of our top tips for getting the right balance of fun, relaxation, atmosphere and catering at such a large event.


Let the Theme Serve Your Needs

Because of the diverse age range and activity preferences of the 500 guests, we combined two different themes to offer an experience that appealed to all tastes, while still maintaining the upmarket values and image of our client. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland met The Wild West on a stunning day at the luscious green fields overlooking the river of the Val Bonne Estate, east of Johannesburg.


Combining Activity and Relaxation

One of the most successful elements for ensuring that everyone had an extraordinary experience was to carefully curate the space and activities to allow the active to thrive and the relaxed to peacefully watch and enjoy.


Children were entertained with giant inflatables, a climbing wall, a train set and face painting. We also included an interactive Nintendo Wii station and pool and foosball tables for the older kids, as well as puppet and magic shows for guests of all ages to enjoy.


We also wanted to create a sense of fun and excitement for the adults, so we added touches of whimsy with the décor and through engaging experiences, such as a welcoming party of characters from Alice in Wonderland and illustrators drawing caricatures of guests as they arrived.


The décor included fun elements like crazy signage, floating ribbons, a romantic swing hanging in the trees, and a gigantic multi-coloured balloon arch at the entrance.


Delectable Details

Nowhere is the finesse and style of an event more obvious than in the attention to detail that is given to the food and drinks. The variety, serving style and standard of food and drinks offer a great platform to reinforce the theme and quality of an event. As the family day was catering for a range of tastes and ages, we provided a fabulous variety of food served from food trucks, including Balkan burgers, paella, sticky ribs and pizza, among other things. Dessert was provided by the experiential ice cream company Ice Cream Ninjas, who custom make each ice cream order, and we put together a sweet station with other tasty dessert options.


We also added a touch of class to the day with a gin bar that served gin with ice bombs (round ice cubes that had garnish frozen into them), craft beer on tap, a Prosecco bar and a lemonade stand.


The feedback from this event was fantastic, and the careful curation of all the elements so that guests could choose what to do or eat according to their preferences meant that all family members, from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent, had a day to remember.


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